Working in IT? Why It Pays to Always Have an Open Mind About Your Career

Working in IT? Why It Pays to Always Have an Open Mind About Your Career

Aug 30

ITThe IT Job board at Randstad showcases a lot of different IT jobs, and there’s good reason for it. It doesn’t pay to simply limit yourself to just one sub-discipline of the IT field if you’re an IT worker. In other words, think of it like this: Keep an open mind about your career in the IT industry. You’ll be much happier that way and more gratified, too! If you limit yourself to just one sub-discipline in the field, you’ll end up earning less than you could–and who wants that? Here is why it pays to have an open mind about your career, and the various areas you can focus on in the IT field.

Database Administrator

In terms of what to do, think about career diversity in the IT industry. Being a database administrator brings in a good salary of about £70,000 a year, which is not too shabby. The good thing about this sub-discipline is that you continue to enjoy nice career prospects; in other words, there are always jobs around! This can be explained by the fact that the increasing amount of information that businesses rely on requires databases for storage and organization. You’ll need a bachelor’s degree in an IT-related field to get considered for this job. Still, keep an open mind for what else you could be doing.

Ruby/Rails Engineer

If being a database administrator doesn’t suit you or pay enough, you can always try your luck or hand at being a ruby/rails engineer. This IT job revolves around the newest and hottest programming language called Ruby on Rails. There is an increasing number of employers who see the benefits of using this programming language. A yearly salary can start from as high as £80,000, which is certainly very good. Obtaining your bachelor’s degree in computer science is always a reliable way to secure a good foothold in this specific job. Of course, you’ll have to have a good deal of previous experience to land jobs in this sub-discipline.

SAP Consultant

Yet another sub-discipline to keep an open mind about is the job of SAP consultant. Here, you can make slightly more than a ruby/rails engineer, with some employers paying close to £100,000 a year in salary (depending on location, your employer and your qualifications, of course). Since the salary is higher for this type of job, employers will also expect that your experience background is more extensive. For instance, it’s not uncommon for some employers to want at least 2 or 3 years of prior SAP experience, with a total of several years of IT experience on the whole.

For all of these reasons, it really pays to have an open mind about what sub-discipline to work in when you’re in the IT industry. Being able to switch between disciplines means that you can get a pay increase quite easily. It also means that you will have the opportunity to develop your career, get more experience and then make yourself even more attractive to all employers down the road.

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