What is Microsoft Sharepoint

What is Microsoft Sharepoint

Nov 09

What is Microsoft SharepointWhat is Microsoft Sharepoint? It is a web application platform that has been created by Microsoft. It was launched back in 2001 and was initially made for intranet, content management and even document management. Believe it or not approximately 50% of intranets are developed using this program. It is best for creating organizational intranets. It is able to help provide many things.

First is intranet portals. This is important because it allows companies to have their own intranet and everyone can be connected to the same system.

Second it provides document and file management. You can track documents, and it’ll even safe different versions made or edited by different users. In an organization this is key and helps to keep things organized.

Third, it helps in collaboration. It allows different employees in a company to work together towards a common goal. It can allow more than one person to work on a given document.

Fourth, it allows for social networking. This is very popular in our day and age and is a great marketing tool.

Fifth, it is used with extranets. This is a computer network that is controlled by the outside for a specific business purpose. Basically it is an extension of a company’s intranet to users who are outside of the company. These users typically include partners, vendors and suppliers who have a vested interest in a company.

Sixth, it can also be used to help with websites. This is by connecting websites together. Seventh, it helps with enterprise search. This is the act of making content from different sources such as databases and intranets available to a pre selected audience.

Finally, Microsoft Sharepoint even helps in business intelligence. This is the process of taking theories, methodologies, architectures and technologies and turning it into raw data that a company can benefit from. Furthermore, the program has the ability to have system integration, process integration and work flow automation capabilities.

So as you can see Microsoft Sharepoint is used in a lot of things! If you are familiar with Microsoft Office you will recognize the similar interface since it has been closely integrated with the Office Suite. That is something that I appreciate, because I am so familiar with Microsoft Office Suite that having Sharepoint similar is nice so that I don’t have too high of a learning curve with it. Furthermore, it was designed for non techie users so it is very easy to use. I know I can appreciate that! As for a little history of Microsoft Sharepoint, I already mentioned it was launched back in 2001.

A few years after the launch, so between 2006 and 2011 it has been noted that over 36 million user licenses have been sold. Pretty popular I’d say. If that isn’t enough, it has been estimated that 78% of Fortune 500 companies utilize Microsoft Sharepoint. I’d say that is a good sign of its worth and value. If you are looking for some sharepoint .net development help perhaps consider talking to the experienced team at SolutionStream. They will know what to do! 

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