Mobile Advertising

Mobile Advertising

Jun 20

mobile_advertisingMobile advertising refers to the form of advertisement whereby wireless or mobile phones are used. Mobile advertising is very similar to online advertisement. In terms of penetration, the mobile advertisement is a better option compared to the internet advertisement because it targets the mobile phone subscribers. This is because the number of people with mobile phones is more than the number of people with computers. Companies can advertise their products on mobile advertising websites such as if they are to gain an edge over their competitors. The number of mobile subscribers in 2012 was estimated to be around 14 billion while the number of people with computers was estimated to be around 5 billion.

For a starting price of $475, the companies can have their products and services advertised not only locally but internationally as well. The media industry and the advertisers are increasingly taking advantage of the mobile market. This type of advertisement has led to the strengthening of the mobile phones that are based on WiMax and WiFi hot spot and the cellular backhaul. It is believed that the ratio of people having mobile phones to computers is 1:4 and 1:3 for people having television sets. This outlines the importance of the kind of advertisement and why it is important for companies to take advantage of mobile advertisement.

There are three types of advertisement that uses to advertise the products and services of their clients. They include the SMS advertisement, the MMS advertisement and the Mobile Web Banner or Mobile Web Poster advertisement. It is however the SMS advertisement that dominates this type of advertisement. Other types of advertisement include the advertisement within the mobile apps, the advertisement within the mobile games and the full screen interstitial. The website also abides by the set mobile advertisement guidelines. The website offers three types of packages namely the Basic Blend, the Smart Blend and the Pro Blend. The different packages come with a different features that have been tailor-made to make mobile advertisement a success. The packages range from between $425 to $1125. understands that market dynamics better than you do. They therefore help their clients and customers build their own brands by taking charge of their advertisement agenda. Most companies that have contracted their services have seen a sharp increase in their customers. The increase in customers has often led to increased revenues and profits. They understand the best mobile and internet marketing strategies. Based on the strategies of your competitors they are able to advise you accordingly on the best mobile advertising methods to use.

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