Keeping Your Customer Engaged After Purchase

Keeping Your Customer Engaged After Purchase

Aug 10

Movies would have us believe that few men have a problem staying engaged after a purchase, usually of a nice sized diamond, has been made, but the same can’t be said about customers after they make a purchase, and that is one of the reasons that there are Mad Mimi newsletter templates.  Keeping a customer is easier than getting a new one.  There are fewer costs involved and the best customers do a company’s advertising for it.

With so many company’s vying for every customer’s dollar, it is important not to neglect those who are the lifeblood of your business.  One great way to keep in touch with the people that you work with is by establishing and maintaining a newsletter.  It may seem like a lot of work to keep a newsletter going, especially if your business isn’t the type to have witty writers on staff who can work with computer programmers to make an outstanding, professional newsletter.

The company can hire a freelance writer to do the newsletter writing.  Freelancers are always looking for work and their lack of familiarity with a company could be an asset.  If the company employs the same freelancer, the content of the newsletter cab grow with the writer as his or her knowledge expands.  Getting a skilled writer and allowing him or her free access to the company can create the kind of newsletters that customers dream about, especially of the company has a point of view and some subjects that they would like to have in each newsletter.  A customer profile is a good start.  An employee profile is also a good subject.  But there should also be something of substance – what does the company do for its community?  Why is it good to support the company?

Many writers are not versed in the finer aspects of newsletter design and that is why there are Mad Mimi newsletter templates.  Templates are a good way to have a well-designed newsletter that makes sense to the company.  They can be personalized, so that the company is not stuck with a generic looking template newsletter, but they are a great start without any personalization beyond the content needed to fill them out.  The newsletter once completed can be posted to the company’s web site and social media accounts.  It can also be printed out and sent by snail mail to those customers who indicated that they did not wish to receive electronic communications.  Newsletters can also be emailed to contacts.  Not only are they a good way of keeping in touch with customers that you already have, but the best newsletter can be sent out as a press release to media contacts who may find a story interesting.

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