iPhone and Android Tips: Google Voice

iPhone and Android Tips: Google Voice

Oct 23

Owning a smartphone these days can bring you many great advantages. Not only can you get speedy 4G coverage as well as a full coverage map in Canada with exceptional call quality and long distance but there are many apps you can make use of on your device as well. Both the iPhone and Android phones are capable of making free calls to any number via a useful and free app called Google Voice. If you have never used the app before, you can benefit from a few great tips on how to use it.

Google Voice is available at both the iTunes App Store and at Google Play and is useable on most phones by both platforms. In addition, it is supported by several tablets. If you are using an iPhone, you will be able to use Google Voice on it as long as it has iOS 3 or a later version.

One thing that must be taken into consideration when you intend to use the Google Voice app on your device is that you need a Google account. With that being said, if you don’t already have one, you should create one by visiting the Google Voice page at http://www.google.com/voice/. When you have created your Google Voice number, you should link it to your account.

If you are using an iPhone, you will have to tap on the app after installing it and then sign into your Google account. You will also be required to add your phone number, which will allow you to receive Google Voice calls on your phone. When you are finished entering your information, you will be directed to your Google Voice inbox, which shows you all voicemails and texts within the app.

On an Android smartphone, tap on the app to open it. Press “Next” to sign into your Google Voice account and complete the setup. You can decide whether or not to make calls with Google Voice. You can set up your voicemail and decide whether you want to use your wireless carrier’s voicemail or voicemail through the app itself. Google Voice will provide you with a transcript of all voicemails, which is a feature that isn’t available through standard voicemail. Finalizing the setup will bring you to your Google Voice inbox, where you will able to see all of your text messages and voicemails that are transcribed.

It is important to note that Google Voice will allow you to make and receive free phone calls as it utilizes your plan’s minutes. You will need 3G or 4G coverage and a coverage map in Canada if you reside in the Great North. Essentially, the app is a great tool that allows you to see your voicemails transcribed in text format and allows you to send text messages for free. In terms of making phone calls via Google Voice, it is highly convenient for small business owners who are averse about their clients or customers seeing their personal phone number.

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