Finding Hosting for your Company

Finding Hosting for your Company

Oct 11

Finding Hosting for your CompanyWhether you need simple hosting for a company website or a more complex solution that can be used in conjunction with cloud services, finding a good company usually entails a few steps, that if followed correctly, can be a success:

The first step is to develop some solid requirements, like unmetered hosting. You probably know what you need for your own department needs, but if you are developing requirements for your entire company, you will also want to have some meetings with your co-workers and determine exactly the types of uses that you will be putting the hosting services to before you move forward.

One of the ways that you can do this is to develop a base list of common requirements from a site like Wikipedia that will often offer comparisons of different providers and the features that each service provides. By adapting and circulating a list of features before the meeting, you can solicit additions and subtractions that make the list that you are creating quite accurate before you start discussing which features should be prioritized.

Once you have had the meeting or meetings and have developed a solid list of requirements that everyone agrees upon, you can move ahead and start looking at providers that provide the types of features that you are looking for. One reason that it is important for you to get buy-in before you go to buy is that given the nature of office politics, if you do not have buy-in before you make your choice, it becomes easier for those that would prefer to do something else to criticize the choice or performance of the provider that you do choose.

As you go onto the next step, which is to start to look at different providers, you can start looking at service agreements and how well each choice fits into your budget. Service agreements are often very important, especially if your company has advanced IT needs. Many hosting companies have standard features with each package that do not include certain options by default. One example that frequently comes up is if you are looking at a shared hosting provider and you want to run Java server pages. Some providers do not allow you to do so. Other providers will make provisions for you if you call them and arrange it. Whatever you decide to do to meet your requirements, you should end up with a manageable list of candidates.

Which should bring you to the next step- testing their services. In many ways, testing services is an overlooked part of the search for a hosting company. Yet it is one of the most important parts. Some companies will allow you to sign up for a trial period and then start billing you when the period has ended, making it hard for you to cancel.
Other companies will sign you up and then not deliver the services that you asked for. The key is to test each company out before you commit your firm to a long-term agreement.

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