Features That An Alarm System Monitoring Should Have

Features That An Alarm System Monitoring Should Have

Jun 22

monitorsCrimes are generally lower in places that have a security system installed. Rather you are a small or large establishment, every security system should have a basic alarm, security sensors, security cameras, remote access, and security system monitoring. Together, these features help guard against employee theft, fire, gas leaks, and criminal activity.

Security Alarm

The security alarm is usually the first line of defense against criminal activity. It sounds whenever a door or window is tampered with, alerting the the intruder that their presence is known. An alarm can be audible or silent and triggered via panic button or motion sensor.

Security Sensors

Door chimes, motion detectors, and security lights all use sensors to alert the owner that someone has entered the premises. Extra security sensors include smoke and carbon monoxide detectors.

Door Chimes

A door chime is great for businesses where employees have to step away from the entrance for brief moments at at time. The door chime sounds whenever someone enters or exits the building, so the employee can get back to their station.

Security Lights

Security lights not only helps employees with visibility and safety, but it also allows onlookers to see an intruder. The lights are motion sensored, so they automatically come on whenever someone enters the vicinity.

Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors provide protection against a fire. They are available in a variety of different sensitivity levels and can be combined with a sprinkler system for maximum security.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless, deadly gas that cannot be detected by humans. A carbon monoxide detector added to an existing smoke detector provides maximum protection against a carbon monoxide leak.

Security Cameras

Security cameras installed inside and outside your establishment allows you to see what’s going on at all times. These cameras store recorded images onsite or at a remote monitoring station, which allows security to respond quickly in dangerous situations. Be aware that in most cities, when you install a video camera, you must inform whomever is being recorded of the camera‚Äôs presence. This can usually be done by placing a sticker or plaque within easy viewing.

Remote Access

Remote access allows business owners to monitor their business when they are away. With remote access, business owners are able to keep track of activities such as employee attendance, temperature control, and inventory.

Alarm System Monitoring

There are several reputable, external monitoring companies that provide security monitoring for business owners who may not have the time to monitor their security system themselves. These alarm system monitoring companies, only focuses on monitoring, they don’t have their own equipment, they only suggest what unit to purchase but they do not sell them.

To get the most out of your alarm system, remember to include these basics.

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