Creating an awesome website using video

Creating an awesome website using video

Dec 10

Since the introduction of video it has clearly become a powerful and effective tool for communicating the message you wish to present. It has the ability to be clear and relate to a large audience, as well as direct your viewers focus to a particular product, service or message. An appealing video is one of the most efficient ways to introduce a product or brand and make the experience much more interactive for your potential customers. As a result, creative, innovative and professional videos are an extremely popular way to gain attention and interest for your website.

In order to create an effective video that highlights your product, service or message in a positive light is to determine the type of video you need on your website. The main types include:

  • Introductory Video
  • Company Overview Video
  • Product and Services Video
  • Client Testimonial Video
  • Educational Video
  • TV Commercial

In order to make a video that will benefit your websites purpose, you must clearly outline your specific goals. If it is to sell more products, inform about your company or just highlight the benefits you have to offer, these goals should be clear and understood. You will also want to ensure that the quality of video you create is excellent. Many times a poorly produced video will do more harm than good.

When you create your video for your website Flash is the most commonly used platform, however the viewer’s internet connection speed will determine how well the video plays. There are other resources to utilize that may be able to accommodate slower internet speeds more efficiently.

Creating an awesome website video is a step by step process. Once you have determined the type of video and the purpose, you can add creative elements that will demand attention and help promote your message. Use the following ideas to ensure your video is noticed, remembered and talked about:

  • Use pop culture. Whatever is trending now will grab the attention of your would-be customers and encourage them to use what you are offering.
  • Do not make it too long. Two to three minutes is usually sufficient time to get your message across. However, in most cases, the shorter the better. With today’s society, attention is not given to one thing for very long.
  • Utilize catchy phrases or jingles. It may sound cheesy, however if it is an original concept it is sure to be remembered, which makes your product, service or message memorable.

Utilizing video for your website is a great way to create a memorable message that speaks to your potential customers. In fact, it has become one of the most popular features seen on various websites today. Taking Final Cut Pro courses can help you to learn some awesome skills to make your website stand out.

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