Cloud Services and Their Uses

Cloud Services and Their Uses

Jun 24

cloudserviceThe cloud, everyone is talking about it, but what is it? Why is the cloud talked about so much today, and why is it so important? Today, I am going to explain what cloud services are and explain what cloud services can be used for.

What are cloud services? They range the gamut from an apps suite such as Google Apps, or just cloud storage like iCloud. For today, I am just going to discuss cloud storage. Cloud storage is something that everyone should have at least a bit of. An easy way to explain what cloud storage is, is to think of it as a thumb drive, except it is always accessible as long as internet is around. Cloud storage when combined with a thumb drive is the preferred method of backup because if one fails, there is always a failsafe to ensure that data can be regained. One great use of cloud storage is to store multimedia files such as music, photos, podcasts, text documents, spreadsheets and so much more. With certain cloud services, files can also be password protected and encrypted on the cloud too! So not only is your data easily accessible, but it is also secured no matter where you are! For those users who always want a copy of their files, one can have their media on the hard drive itself, a thumb drive, and on the cloud. With this set up, ones information is always accessible no matter the vicinity. Another cloud service to consider is Cloud Service Columbus.

I recall when I first used cloud storage. It was something new, exciting, and refreshing. Getting data without having to use physical media? Sounds like some sort of utopia. I recall using the cloud to store photos online so they would be easily accessible to my family and friends. Thanks to the cloud, I was able to share my photos with everyone without having to send the pictures individually to each person. The cloud is great for sharing holiday moments with the family. Another function that I enjoy that the cloud provides is for editing office documents online without ever having to physically send the file to anyone. With certain cloud apps, one can do editing to spreadsheets, or do editing to text documents, and push files to multiple people with incredible convenience. The cloud has greatly simplified my life and has made certain tasks far less of a hassle.

Hopefully this brief description gives an idea of what the cloud is, and what the services offer. Because of what is possible with the cloud, everything is always ready at an instant.

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