Charging your Phone Out and About

Charging your Phone Out and About

Aug 21

cell phone chargerEver been in the middle of a phone call and it suddenly dropped? When your phone loses power as you are out and about you know how annoying it can be. If you are near a power source, you can charge your phone but what happens if you are in the middle of nowhere and you do not have access to your phone charger? How can you charge your phone while you are on the go? Fortunately there are some great solutions that are out there that you can use in order to charge your phone while you are out and about. Take a look at some of our recommendations for portable phone chargers:

  • Portable solar charger – this is a must have item! When you are out and about, the only consistent power source that you will have at your disposal is the sun. It is a good idea to have a solar power charger so you can tap into the energy source that will never fail you. A good portable solar charger will take about 2 hours to charge a drained smartphone. If you purchase a cheap one, you can easily end up with a dead phone for a day or two. It can take a week to charge up your phone with a lame portable solar charger.
  • Turbo Charge – you have likely seen these in Target and other stores while you are waiting in the checkout line. The turbo charge device will plug into your phone and will give you a temporary power source. Usually these only last for a few minutes, which can be enough for you to make an emergency phone call. Keeping one of these in your pocket or purse can be a real lifesaver if your phone dies.

Even if you are out and about and your are charging your phone, you should consider doing a few things to your phone to start saving the battery life. You need to conserve as much of the battery of your phone as you can, epically when you are using a temporary power source. The solar power source is the only one that will charge the phone completely and will give you a renewable source of energy. All the others are meant to give you just enough power to get you back home where your phone charger resides. Here are some battery-saving tips to consider:

  • Reduce the intensity of your screen
  • Close a lot of the apps so you do not have too many running at the same time
  • Turn off the vibrate when the phone rings
  • Shut off your phone when traveling so it will not be searching for service all the time

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