Best WiFi Names

Best WiFi Names

Sep 28

NEW YORK, NY - JULY 11:  A free Wi-Fi hotspot ...

Anytime you go somewhere and you are not cool enough to have a 3G phone, you try to connect to the local wireless Internet. Sometimes they are named boring things, but there is the occasionally fantastic name that you find.

When you are creating a name for your WiFi network, you can either come up with something completely creative or you can do something that incorporates Internet or WiFi somehow. For those that are completely original, you have to make it good and unique. One of the best totally original names is “FBI Surveillance Van #42”. That is clever and it makes your neighbors nervous. Some people like to make announcements about parties at their place through their network name. That way anyone who tries to log onto the Internet is suddenly aware that there is a party. There are also plenty of other people who use the names to be passive aggressive towards their neighbors or the noisy people who are sitting in the street.

For those of you who want to create a name and incorporate Internet or wifi into it somehow, then you have plenty of options. At the top of the charts is “Hide yo kids hide yo wifi”. That one references the pop culture idea that we all know so well. Another great name is “Drop it like its HotSpot” which is a reference to the Internet hotspot. And “Pretty fly for a WiFi” will always be a classic!

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