A Guide to Using Twitter

A Guide to Using Twitter

Jun 20

In the modern technological age that people live in today, the ability to use social media outlets for anything is a necessity now. One of the most widely used outlets that exists comes in the form of Twitter. Along with Facebook, Twitter is undoubtedly at the peak of its popularity right now, seeing as how the website originally gained is popularity at the end of the 2000s decade.


Originally starting as a podcasting service, Twitter has become a vast social networking website that has well over half a billion registered members. Like Facebook the purpose of the site is mainly for people to socialize over the internet, keep in contact with friends and family and stay up to date on all of the latest news stories. Not only does the average person likely have a Twitter account, but celebrities, athletes, comedians, news anchors, sports commentators, politicians and even the President of the United States has their own account as well. As one might expect, users would want to see what is going on with their favorite celebrity or athlete for example, so Twitter allows for people to “follow” them, meaning that they can read up on everything that a given celebrity has posted, or look at their pictures if they have any too.

But Twitter isn’t only for social networking. Like many other websites that cater to those interested in socializing, using Twitter for local online marketing is also another use for it, too. Individuals are not the only ones who use social media for any given reason, businesses and various organizations use it also to promote their own agendas and often cater to what masses of people want, just by reading what others who follow them have posted or “Re-Tweeted,” which is essentially forwarding a post to other people. For newer or lesser companies, the aspect of online marketing is quite helpful in getting publicity. With all of the re-tweeting that is done, the more people that see what is being posted, the more people who are likely to take some interest and then follow said business on the site, and therefore increase its exposure. Not only is using the online approach effective for spreading the word and easier to do, but it is also less time consuming and works instantaneously as well.

To conclude this, it is extremely accurate to say that Twitter is not only useful as far as social media and networking is concerned, but it is also necessary in the modern world where the use of technology is essential, moreso when needing to market online in order to push a business.


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